About Us

We are a team of experienced Architects, Master Planners and energy experts with large scale project development and management skills that recognized the Kyoto Protocol and its approved methodologies as a new medium for project finance and responsible development. We assemble teams of experts for each project that can provide the entire project development and carbon asset management and monetization cycle. We provide the initial project scoping which identifies the approved methodology standards, carbon market, and provides a feasibility analysis used to develop the PIN and PDD for submittal to approval authorities.

Carbon Consultants Inc. is poised to become a principle player in the carbon equity and CDM market by taking position in the carbon registration investment portfolio in the following established applied methodology areas in projects that we develop or participate in;
Wind - projects in northern Baja
Solar - projects in Sonora, Baja, Baja Sur, California, Native American Reservations.
Efficiency - projects in Mexico City, California
Waste to electrical energy - projects in Hidalgo, Tabasco, DF,
Biomass to Renewable Diesel - Arizona
Coal to Renewable Diesel - West Virginia
Landfill Methane Destruction and Offset Projects (LMOP) - Latin America
Program of Activities (PoA) projects. - Mexico

We provide carbon consulting and investment capital for projects that yield verifiable results. The ability of our team to help develop assets for a project as well as providing an automated carbon auditing and reporting system with a shared equity strategy is what separates us from our competitors.

Carbon Consultants Inc.is currently investing in the development of applied methodologies recognized within the VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standard) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) market as well as providing eco-branding for validated carbon products. Carbon Consultants Inc. is the result of years of combined experience in project design, management, and implementation in the renewable energy field.

Our strategy is to identify energy, emission offset or energy efficiency projects in the early stages of development, pre-fund certification to increase the probability of success, take payment in the form of credits and broker forward trading contracts.

Carbon Consultants Inc. proposes to become the lead risk equity investment in renewable energy and carbon trading aspects, from start to finish, of any individual project. We will direct and manage the necessary technical consultants and will form a repository for all carbon related project data.